Finding Nigel is definitely on our Best-Things-That-Have-Ever-Happened-To-Us  list. The man can do
ANYTHING!  He has repaired and enhanced every room in our house and tackled tough jobs on our
property, all with perfection.  He is a designer and problem solver. Anytime we want to change, add, or
improve something, we simply tell him, and our wish comes true.

His prices are fair and reasonable.  He is ethical and dependable, and just a wonderful guy.  If he calls and
says he’ll be there, he’s there. He answers every call and email.  If he needs to change the date or time he's
coming, he always calls first.  This type of consideration is indeed a rare commodity.   In short, we love him
and could never live without him.  He has spoiled us rotten.

- Lynne A., Bethel, CT
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